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My Lightning Tracker
My Moon Phase IOS & ANDROID
My Aurora Forecast
My Hurricane Tracker
My Earthquake Alerts
London Tube Live
Flush Toilet Finder
My Weather Forecast
ACNL Guide for iOS & Android
Welcome to jRuston Apps!
Hello and welcome to jRuston Apps! This is the home of all apps published by us so far - this includes My Currency Converter, the world's simplest and most beautiful currency converter, My Tide Times, the best and quickest way to find tide information and Travel Essentials, the app essential to all travelers.

There are a few other apps being worked on though which aren't as mass-market, including the ACNL Guide app, designed to make it easier for players of "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" to enjoy playing the game. We work on a huge variety of different projects (not all of which are shown in public), but you can guarantee that we have some exciting apps planned for the future.

If you'd like to learn more about me, I'd recommend checking out my personal website (linked to in the footer), visiting my LinkedIn profile or you could even see a dedicated page about me here.

Jake Ruston
Owner of